Oct 31 1981
Arnhem, NL / Stokvishal
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u2 burnt into my brain and vains
Age 17, youngest of 3 brothers, we went to see U2. The vinyl track of I will follow was already warn out and it was time to see them live. As I remember it, it was a great performance. Bono climbing the sound wall, I will follow repeated as an encore and me in the first row jumping and singing. Half way I got a bit hungry and bought the cake that was served in the back of the place. That's when the magic happened: all my nerves opened up, U2 burned in and will never ever leave my system again. And now, father of two and grey hairs, I found myself back jumping and singing in Brussels in another great performance!
the night I found the love of my life tw
This show was a turning point in my life! I was 20 years old, I just started my first job (starting at 7'oclock in the morning) and I went to see it on a weekday on a first date with someone who finally became my husband (and still is) It was a late night show and a band I didn't know. Because of my new job I thought about not going.... I am so very glad I went there! The date was a great guy, and U2 became my all time favorite band up until today! I loved Bono's red cheeks, and their enthousiasm was amazing! I felt in love with a man and a band in one evening! When the concert was over we went to the bar for a drink. Often in that venue, bandmembers came tot that bar too, and so did Adam. He stood next to me and asked me how I liked the show, and I did'n't reconize him! The venue has been destroyd a long time ago, but it is still there in my mind. This evening at the Stokvishal was one big highlight.
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