Nov 17 1981
Providence, RI, US / Center Stage
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11/17/81 My 1st U2 Show of 40 !
I had heard this “new New Wave Band” on our College Radio Station and on WBCN Boston that summer of ‘81. When the shows were announced, our University was closer to Providence than Boston so we chose to go to this 300 person club in downtown Providence RI. It does NOT say it here but I distinctly remember hearing I WILL FOLLOW during the set AND THEN hearing it again as the Encore! That was a first for me to hear a song twice. I sat at a Reserved Table in the front LOL …had I known then ! No Cameras allowed at any concerts back then, too bad. That was the beginning of my love for U2 and seeing them anywhere. Currently at 39 Shows in 3 Countries with the Vegas Sphere Show in October as # 40 !
tina lyons
I'm commenting here because the 11/15/1981 gig in New Haven is strangely missing from such an exhaustive listing. I've got a handwritten set list somewhere. I was just 17, underage at the time, but got to attend after meeting the band at the local radio station where I worked and helped get them airplay.
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