Mar 4 1982
W. Palm Beach, US / Civic Auditorium
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The ONLY U2 fans were my buddy and I
I kid you not: ONLY my buddy Brian & I knew who U2 was, owned their 2 albums & 8-tracks, and stood in the front cheering and going nuts. The entire crowd was oblivious to this opening band from Ireland. They were all there for The J. Geils Band. In fact, after every song, there was barely tepid applause except from Brian & I. We made ourselves known to the point that Bono and the boys played to us, looked at us, smiled at us, and thanked us for "liking the music," as I recall Bono saying, pointing at us. The crowd couldn't have cared less. In fact, 10-15 of the jerks booed a little--not a lot--but a little, as they yelled "We want J.Geils" to the great delight of the rest of the crowd. That's right. U2 was almost booed off the stage at one point. Incredible ignorance was on full display by the crowd. U2 was awesome, of course, but only Brian and I recognized their greatness. When they walked off the stage to loud cheers from us and more tepid applause and loud yells for J. Geils, they all waved at us, at Brian & I. Bono pointed at us and said, "Thanks," right to and only to us. It's a cherished memory of mine.
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