Mar 6 1982
Tallahassee, FL, US / Leon County Arena
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Was not allowed to go
Hard to review a show I wasn't allowd to go to, but this show I was not allowed to go to remains very vivid in my memories . I was a die hard J. Geils Band fan, and still am. U2 became my favorite band. Years later, I wrote a letter to J.Geils Band lead singer Peter Wolf. He actually wrote back, and mentioned U2 was the opening act. Now 20 years after writing the letter, I feel kind of sad that I missed out on seeing my future favorite band open for my school boy years favorite band. Oddly, I never liked U2 back then, and wonder if the show would've changed my life...but then again, by not going, my life turned out fine, and U2 was part of the soundtrack. A happy ending!
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