Mar 17 1982
New York City, NY, US / The Ritz Club
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Ticket Stub
Thats an awsome ticket stub! I thought I was the only dork that kept all of those. Good story too.
tina lyons
Wish I still had the T-shirt!
Best Patty's Day ever! I had an NYU interview the following morning, but got about 3 hours' sleep. I ended up getting pulled onto the stage (the second of four dances with Bono between 1981 and 1983) so that, and the stories of the band filming (or attempting to film) themselves marching in the NYC parade, have undeniably blanked out memories of things such as the set list. My letter to Propaganda was published that year, which I recently found by googling my name + Bono! Sadly, I sold the t-shirt a few years ago - but I kept the ticket stub. I had to laugh when I found the stub a few days ago and saw that the price was $11.50.
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