Dec 20 1982
Belfast, IE / Maysfield Leisure Centre
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Liam mv Bride
This was the 1st time I seen U2. It coast 5pounds to get in and I was at the front of the stage
"This Is Not A Rebel Song"
This was the first time I got to see my favourite band. The energy of the young quartet on stage was absolutely electric and there was certainly a nervous energy as Bono introduced "Sunday Bloody Sunday", my recollection of how he introduced the song went something like this - "This is not a rebel song it is the first time we are playing it in Northern Ireland, if you don't like it we won't play it again" This was certainly a moment I wil not forget as the crowd listened and sang along as if they had heard this song so many times before. The highlight for me was having the opportunity to interview Bono after the gig with my friend Gary. I remember Gary asking "how did you feel when a few people decided to leave when you sang Sunday Bloody Sunday"? Bono's response was simple and spontaneous, he sang a few lines of the song and replied "does that sound like a rebel song" I don't know how Gary managed to continue to ask questions I was dumbstruck. I never got a chance to say thanks to the band...Thanks from Brick (brick through a window)
So easy to love....
I wish I had been there, but God how 1982 just seems like yesterday, and hearing U2 for the first time, I fell instantly in love with not only thier unique sound but with them as well. U2 makes it so easy to love them, Bono's voice is like a whisper in your ear, Edge's guitar pierces your heart, Larry's drumming is the beat of your heart, and Adam, oh sweet Adam, the pure soul of U2....... J & M & L (Adam's Girls)
Fan since 1985...look at for us ok? we getting old as well! Great show, great band. we waiting so many time....but we're happy! was perfect...the band was perfect - march -5-2007 São Paulo - Brazil - I was Stand very close to stage- the best moment was they did singing "Elevesion"and "Vertigo" was words for to say about it!
Belfast Pre-war 82
Bono climbing speaker stacks, promising never to play "Sunday Bloody Sunday" again if we didn't like it. "Surrender", "A Celebration" and "Gloria" all sounded great. Where I went from liking U2 to loving them. Since then I have seen them at Wembley, Manchester, Glasgow... but will never forget the intimacy of seeing them in a sports hall! A great memory.
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