May 7 1983
Albany, NY, US / State University of New York
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Mayfest 1983
mrslakauf -- 1983 line up was Robert Hazard, David Johansson, and U2 1982 was A Flock of Seagulls and Squeeze; not sure about Toots.
Albany Mayfest
Sorry Willie10C-"A Flock of Seagulls" was most definitely there along with "Toots and the Maytals", along with David Johanson and Robert Hazard. I can still see all their names on the advertisement flyer for the show! I came over with friends from SUNY Oneonta to see it. What a great day!
Mayfest 1983
College students are sometimes prone to procrastination. I know I was. But that day for whatever reason, my friends and I set out early to find a good patch of earth from which to watch the acts. Reward for our early arrival: being right up against the stage. For a mere $5 we were treated to beer, food and three bands; one an up-and-coming band whose energy hinted at the greatness which lie ahead. The warm spring air became electrified as Bono bounded about the stage and climbed the scaffolding. The band worked it's magic and mesmerized us; in return the crowd embraced U2 with enthusiasm only seen in the young and unjaded. Bono called us to his rock altar using spirited lyrics which taught us of the sadness of the past but brought us a message of hope, and which sought change from the status quo. Twenty-six years later I can think back to that day, to the fact that the girl Bono pulled up onstage was two people away from me and wishing it had been me; to the fact that I was completely awed by the music I heard; to the beauty of the day and the students all enjoying the show as the semester drew to a close. Of the many U2 performances I've attended -- I will always be most fond of that first -- when a young girl saw her favorite emerging band.
Celebration '83
Sorry, Jasonjl1, A Flock of Seagulls were not there. Support was from David Johansen and Robert Hazard. All in all, I agree with all posts as it was a great show! As it was my first live U2 experience, I too was hooked for life. It is surreal to think back and remember seeing the band outdoors on a college campus field...and in daylight!
wow I tell everyone about that show, when bono climbed that tower I climbed it with him. felt like 800 people to me... glad someone surfaced to recall the event to the detail! nothing like an outdoor concert... cheers
Mayfest 1983
This day is seared in my memory 25+years later. An unusually warm spring afternoon on the SUNY Albany campus. Everyone was young, and anything seemed possible. About 8-10,000 students were frolicking in the sunshine (and enjoying the free flowing beer) when Bono grabbed their attention from the opening minute of the set Bono was in high energy mode, climbing the speaker scaffolding during Sunday Bloody Sunday. The riveting set made my a lifelong fan. Bono ended the show by saying thank you...we will never forget this day. He probably has, but I never will.
U2 at Mayfest in Albany
I was there at the U2 concert on the campus of what they called Albany State. It was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I was a college sophomore at the time, and U2 was the headline band, with flock of seagulls playing before them. I was up against the stage rocking to Sunday bloody sunday, and new years day. It was an outrageous show. Also can't beat the fact that the ticket was $5 for the whole day of music and beer if you were a student.
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