Jun 1 1983
San Francisco, CA, US / Civic Auditorium
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27 years and 2 days
First U.S. gig for the Alarm. Great great show. War was such a potent album and those songs just went over so well live. '40' was particularly memorable: each band member exited the stage one by one with just Bono at the end leading the crowd in a sing along. I think 'Gloria' was the encore, guess they don't do that one anymore (pretty much disowned the October album) but loved it then and now. Seeing them for just the second time 6/3/10 in SLC, 27 years and 2 days later.
I was there. It was amazing. The show opened with Romeo Void followed by the Alarm. Both bands killed it. U2 entered the house in a foggy din of smoke, steam and poor lighting; no fancy stage or video projection; just four guys from Ireland, their instruments and a handful of fans. Not long into the set, the sound broke down. We could hear it. Guitars clanking, feedback; then nothing. Bono chatted us up while the roadies worked their magic. As I remember it, Bono remarked to the crowd it was their first breakdown. We cheered, though I'm not sure why. The band pulled it back together and rocked the house. It was an incredible, personal and inspiring show. The first of many more… Thanks for that night. It would be incredible if the band were to release those early show recordings.
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