Jun 21 1983
Orlando, US / Jai Alai Fronton Hall
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Our First Date
My husband Mark and I met in college at Stetson University near Orlando. He won tickets to this Orlando show from a local radio station. This was our first date! We married 18 months later and have now been married almost 38 years. The front of our wedding invitation said "Two Hearts Beat as One". U2 has been our favorite band this whole time! We have seen them here in Florida several times, but also in many other places, including Dublin in 2015. Our daughter Natalie has been to most of those shows with us since she was young, including in Dublin. They are an incredibly amazing band that means so much to us! We love each one of them and every song they give to us! They are a unique and awesome band and wonderful people!! The picture that I have attached is the three of us at one of the 2 shows we saw on that visit in Dublin with us holding our wedding invitation!
A friend of mine said, "Hey, there's a new band playing at the Fronton. They stand for all the right things. Let's go!" So, we went to our first U2 concert with about 300 other people (yes, I said 300). It was insane and I fell in love with them from the first note of the first song. I never realized I was standing in front of history in the making! I've followed them ever since. Thank you for being such amazing givers U2!
Awesome introduction
This was my first U2 concert. I was 21 and just heard on the radio New Year's Day, then heard the band was going to be in Orlando. Had to see them, and so glad I did. I was totally blown away. The opening act was The Alarm. I think tickets were like $5 or so. Quite a steal indeed. Great, great show. Bono was amazing, and totally took control of the audience. He even stopped the show briefly when some punkers near the stage were getting too rough. "We see enough violence in our control, we don't need to see it here." Bono shouted. I have seen them since like six or seven times, but you never forget your first. And from that night on, U2 was my favorite band and will always be.
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