Jun 23 1983
Sunrise, FL, US / Sunrise Musical Theatre
Show Report
Show report coming soon
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My first U2 show
So here are some impressions/memories from my first U2 concert . . . I and my friends were amazed at Bono's stage presence. We sat up in the upper level and got a great view of all the goings-on below. No one on the lower floor were in their seats, they were up and crowded around the stage. During one of the songs, Bono noticed someone with their daughter at the show, Bono pulled the 5-6 year old on stage, took the parents camera, gave it to the kid to take his picture while he patiently stood still (the band played on), the child could not apparently manage the camera, so Bono took it and handed it back to the parent, he picked the child up and held her so that the photo of the two of them could be taken. At a later point Bono jumped off into the crowd and hid . . . challenging the guy who operated the spotlight to find him (I don't believe he could). Frank Sinatra had been at the Sunrise the week before, Bono started singing a Sinatra song and then stopped when he didn't know the rest of the lyrics, he turned it over to the crowd to keep singing, telling us "it's your song!" Great great show. They built such a reputation off of that one show in that relatively small venue, that the next time around for TUF tour, they sold out the much much larger Hollywood Sportatorium in 15 minutes, which led to a second show, that of course sold out as well. They became my favorite band that night, and have been ever since. And will be forever.
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