Unforgettable Fire

Oct 27 1984
Brussels, BE / Vorst Nationaal
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Fantastic show that shake the seismic ap
I was 16 years old. Second show of U2 after a Wechter concert in 1983. What a concert !!!! All the audience was jumping !!!! A funny anedocte and true story about this concert.... The Brussels observatory located few kilometers away from Forest National measured vibrations similar to an earthquake.... It was the first time that it happened. U2 was simply playing....
J'y étais aussi!
a fantastic show, starting with The Alarm, amazing loud … Singing all along the show all the songs.. I lost my voice on that night, and became a fan forever!
j'y étais
mon tout premier concert...quelle baffe..quel choc...je suis addict à cause d'eux...merci les gars
u2 27th october what a night in Brussels
i was 18 my first trip away from england. i remember there was a earthquake registered on the scale.the alarm band were support band.went from london via a ferry.met a lot of good people on the trip.they all called me Mr Bradford.from yorkshire.
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