Unforgettable Fire

Nov 2 1984
London, Eng., GB / Brixton Academy
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another great show
Loved, loved, loved this one. sat around the edge ballastrades just taking it all in. Remember Bono doing one of his daring climbs up the backdrop thinking he was going to fall off. I loved the days of '40' being the last song and the resonance (spelling?) of the crowd singing it long after U2 had left the stage.... wonder how many people realised they were singing lyrics from the Psalms of the Bible?
My First U2 gig
This was not only my first U2 gig but my first gig by any band. I was given permission to go on the bus from Newcastle with three school friends and we simply couldn't wait. The Waterboys opened the evening and, to be honest, didn't seem up to much but then U2 came out and the whole vibe changed. The quality of sound and atmosphere was amazing. It was great just to see them walk onto the stage. We were at the front of the gallery looking down on the band and the view was superb. We were 15 years old and it was probably the safest place for us! Some Dutch people we spoke to next to us were taking photos and I've recently seen these on the internet and in books they've had published. Little did we know! The Electric Co. was a highlight for me along with New Year's Day, Sunday, Bloody Sunday and The Unforgettable Fire. I remember The Edge having a real go at his guitar tech for not having one of his guitars in the correct tuning. I remember thinking that it may be best never to cross him! Not that I would or have ever had the chance! My lasting memory is the whole crowd singing "40" out of Brixton Academy at the end of the night and us still singing for ages when on the bus and on our way home. I got back at around 5 in the morning and had to walk home from my drop off point. I was stopped by two policewomen in a patrol car. I must've looked very dishevelled and dodgy to say the least. They asked what I was doing walking the streets at this our and I explained where I'd been. They both thought it was amazing that I'd gone to London to see U2 and gave me a lift home as well. The fact that they were both good looking was an extra bonus! We chatted for a while about the gig until they got a call and had to go. A fitting end to a fantastic experience.
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