Unforgettable Fire

Feb 4 1985
Milan, IT / PalazettoDello Sport
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I was there
It's all true. For some weeks, even the Italian Army gave support to keep the roads clean and safe and the buses went around with chains o the wheels. Since then, I've never seen again so much snow in Milano! I was there, it was my first time at a U2 concert The ticket price was 13.500 Lira, about 7,00 Euros :-) The Palazzetto could have accomodate about 14.000 people, the Teatro Tenda only 7.000. Everybody was afraid that there were too many ticket already sold in comparison to the capacty of the tent. In fact, the day of the concert there was a lot of police outside the gates, to avoid riots or troubles if too many people was come to that place. I still scrupulously store the bootleg of that wonderful night, a double LP where Bono, almost voceless, ask the people to help him singing... So cold outside, so hot inside; and I went back home completely wet so I got a bad cold. I was a teenager. What an adventure... :-)
Now that's an electrifying story, jacknife !
Change of the venue
The Palazzetto dello Sport in Milano where the concert was supposed to happen, had a problem to the roof that collapsed under the weight of an historical snow storm a few weeks before the U2 concert. The gig was moved to the smallest Teatro Tenda, a real circus tend in the nearby of San Siro stadium where the band walked on stage a some years later. The temperature gap between the cold north italian winter outside and the heat of a few thousands of sweating fans inside the venue made the atmosphere so humid that was literally raining on the crowd and on stage where, especially Adam complained for the risk of electrical strokes from his bass.
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