Unforgettable Fire

Apr 2 1985
Providence, RI, US / Providence Civic Center
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First Time I Saw U2
For 2 years, I had been looking forward to seeing a U2 show. I had heard great things, but I had yet to experience it firsthand. I believe Lone Justice was the opening act, but I was there to see the main event. It is probably cliche, but you never forget your first U2 show. It was almost 25 years ago, but I remember what I was wearing, who I was with, and what I drank like it was yesterday. From "I Will Follow" to "Gloria" to "The Unforgettable Fire" to "40", I was in a total state of euphoria for almost 2 hours. When they finished their last song, I didn't want to leave the arena. I knew I would never get that feeling back. And, although I have seen many U2 shows since, they still can't match the first time I saw U2...
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