Unforgettable Fire

Apr 16 1985
Worcester, MA, US / Centrum
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My first show seeing U2 (w/ my great fri
It was electric. It was alive. Everything. Everything this, then, 21 year old was dreaming: "I, I will begin again". The crowd dancing through the venue worked like an enormous beautiful nervous system, in human neon. That venue was our cathedral. We shouted out and moved and step step stepped as one. Epic. Epigrammatic. Gradient. It was a truly gospel religious experience this side of insanity; insane to be there, to not be there. Sane 'till those beautiful Irish music notes, like bells, rang & ring... ringing in sharp reverberations, cut w/ criminal chorus tones. Eccentric. Elevated. Inventive. We all moved together... Insanity a beautiful thing. Flush on the feedback. Hearts pulsing off the percussive drum & bass tribal power. WAR! The invisible airwaves breathing through us: And there was this wonderful boy Bono invited onto stage: "Eddy Peaceful!" What a name. What a moment (to surrender). Tom & myself found our way out to the empty seats back of the stage (empty seats? Ha. Never again). Bono & The Edge waltzed their ways round to that section of the stage and gave us a fantastic three song show! Thats when people started saying I looked like Bono, and that face has stayed (more to it). Even when the concert finished, in that most perfect U2 way, sending us out blazing blossoming blurring into the dark dreamy wet Worcester downtown streets, and alleyways (the dark night buildings like a great concrete forest): Singing proud, strong (& all of us still just GIRLS & BOYS): 'how long , to sing this song..." for the next few hours. Thousands of us fans coming out of our rock house church, singing in near perfect pitch. Perfect. Our then party, as the night went down in blazing feedback. White gone black.
4/16/85 back stage pass
I waited almost 25 years to comment but the memory of this concert is still like it happened yesterday. It was my 22nd birthday and I was a senior at the University of New Hampshire. My self and three other good friends went to the concert in Worchester. We stopped next to the venue for drinks and to celebrate my birthday. That is were I befriended the waitress who gave me one of my best birthday gifts ever a after show pass! That night I met Bono. He came up to me gave me a hug, wanted to sign everything I had with me! I was so nervous I wasn't even thinking of his autograph. Thanks Bono! He made fun of me because I picked up a rambling root beer to drink instead of a beer. He made me feel welcome and not just the out place college student. I have proudly worn my signed Unforgetable fire concert tour shirt to every concert since!. In Fact I am wearing to the Raleigh Concert on Oct 3rd , 2009. The irony is my son who was senior at Nc State on April 16th of 2009 bought me these tickets for a birthday present! almost 25 years later.
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