Unforgettable Fire

Apr 23 1985
Hartford, CT, US / Hartford Civic Center
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my first U2 show at 14.... still a fan a
I herd songs from WAR on the school bus as a 13 year old... never would I be the same... I had been infatuated with the Police at the time and quickly my attention and PASSION went from them to this band from my heritage country of Ireland. I was obsessed, in LOVE. I got my hands on tickets ( then $14) and my sister brought me and it was magical! I too waited for the band, hearing that Bono often came out to greet his fans, and he DID- I got close we looked into eachothers eyes. Never was I the same. I saw them again in 2001 for the Elevation tour in Boston, first time i spent $100 for a ticket.. WOW times have changed! They didnt disappoint 16 years later either- cant wait to see the next tour! I just love Inhaler- heard them a few months back on xm radio and it brought me back to that school bus moment in 7th grade! Can't wait to see what that band does, Eli is so talented like his dad. My 13 year old daughter is now listening to BOTH U2 and Inhaler - Life is good. U2 is such an important band, they have spread messages of love, consequence of war, dedication of true leaders, triumph and heartbreak like no other band throughout their career, so many of their songs are the fabric of my youth, and many I feel the soundtrack of my life. Thank you to these artists for their contribution to this earth, to mankind!
second concert
This time I was sitting back of the stage, my view wasn't too bad as Bono several times during the show came and sang to us! Awesome and this show started my groupiedom,,,My friends and I hung around out back of the parking garage. Bono came out to say hello to us. That was fun!
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