Unforgettable Fire

Apr 30 1985
Jacksonville, FL, US / Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum
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My 1st U2 concert.
As 19 year old kid I discovered the band on my own( no one influenced me) the first time I heard New Years Day in '83. I rushed out to get War. Eventually I had Boy and October.When Unforgettable Fire came out it was a subtle departure from War but of course it is great recording. So when they came to Jax my Coast Guard mates and I were fired up! It was a smaller arena before they became one of the biggest bands of all time. "Bad" was awesome! "40" closed the show. They were and are an important part of my life. To quote Springsteen they taught me more from their records than I ever learned in school: acceptance , tolerance, humanity, to a certain extent geography , following what they are up to around the world.
Curt Sarles
Awesome show
I was 19 and this was my first show. What a show it was. I was so close I could see the sweat on the faces of the band. This was back when U2 played small arenas and you could really feel close to the band. The crowd stayed around long after the band was done singing "how long".
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