Joshua Tree

Apr 10 1987
Las cruces, NM, US / Pan American Center
with Lone Justice
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This is the show that got me started on
This was my first U2 show and I was hooked! Since then I've travelled countless miles to see them play. All told about 30 or so shows in the likes of Ireland (7 shows), Canada, and across the USA. Saw them on this tour 3 times as the show in Cruces left me wanting to see more. It's been a great ride!
This was my first and only U2 concert ever. Celebrated my 21st birthday here. I've never seen a show that had this much energy. Once the band started the crowd didn't stop and never ever sat down. It was worth the 8 hour drive round trip from ABQ.
Joshua Tree Tour
My first U2 Concert it was Awesome, wish I could see them again.
1st U2 Concert
This was my first U2 Concert and I have been a fan ever since!
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