Joshua Tree

Apr 30 1987
Pontiac, MI, US / Pontiac Silverdome
with Lone Justice
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Pontiac Silverdome 1987
Can't believe it will be 25 years since i saw U2 in Detroit at the Pontiac Silverdome. I worked the night shift and drove 3hours from LONDON ONTARIO CANADA to the stadium. Encountered a massive traffic jam into the stadium but was well worth it. Prior to U2 hitting the stage I made my way from the 3rd tier seating to the floor entrance near the stage. Just as the lights went down and the opening to Streets Have No Name started I went to go on the floor. Security flashed their light on my ticket which clearly showed 3rd tier seating. Not sure why but the guy let me through. Ended up front row centre. Just like to say that I don't think the security guy new how letting me on the floor changed my life. I've been a fan of U2 for close to 30 years. I'm married and have 2 kids. I recently took my daughter to the 360 Tour in TORONTO. She finally understood my fascination with the band and the experience of a U2 concert. The are and always will be the best band in history.
One of my best life experiences
This was my 1st U2 concert. Went with a bus tour from Western University in London Ontario. My First year at University, my First U2 concert, with my First love of my life (yes first real boyfriend...who got me into U2). What more can I say...alot of firsts :)
Blue Monkey Suit
Just chatting with the one who went with me. He remembers that Bono stopped in the middle of Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For to scold a Silverdome security guard for being too rough with someone. Bono said something like, "You in the blue monkey suit, this isn't a just a concert it's more like a gathering" (or something to that effect). Bono went on to sing alone with the crowd. Needless to say it was a few years ago ... front row on our first date! It was a great concert!!
Just want to wish Bono a full and swift recovery. Thank God (I think he was looking out for you) this injury was discovered and treated quickly. Best wishes on your'll be tough but you are a strong person and will do what needs to be done. My best advice is to not rush things and listen to doctors orders (they know what they're talking about!). Your friends and fans will all still be there no matter how long it takes so no worries about that!.. Also the best to your family..I'm sure they are worried about you. Take care and God Bless, Sharon
Bono- get well!
Bono - PLEASE just get well. We all love you and want your speedy recovery, your health is more dear to us all than the tour dates- never mind our plans and the tour. Your health means more to us all! This time will be hard but at least you're being forced to "rest" that which you do not allow yourself because you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Please rest assured that that back of yours needs to rest so that you can continue being Atlas again!! With love..
Get on well soon Bono!
I just keep my fingers crossed and hope you'll recover soon! I'm due to see you in Brussels on September 22 Hope it's not going to be postponed but even if your health has first priority! Your fans will wait as long as you need! We love you!
Bono inspiration
u2 brings me inspiration, excites me the courage and will to live, I feel a lot positive energy when I hear U2, Bono is not only has the most beautiful voice but all its members who are excellent musicians and wonderful people so the groups survived for so many years. is actually a group. I love you
Peruvian dream
All of my life I was waiting for an opportunity to be able to see Bono in a concert. I finally could afford the tickets for Miami and the airplane tickets as well, as I come from Peru. Trust me Bono, it´s hard for me to know this, I wonder why could this happen to me, and I found the answer: to let you know that nobody else was so looking forward for this moment and THAT EVEN ME; EVEN ME prefer you first recover. We do love you, nothing is more important than your health now. Perhaps I won´t be able to go for the new dates since I don´t think they will luckily meet my holidays again, but sometime, somehow I know I will finally see you in a beautiful day, that's the dream of my life.
First glimpse...
I too was at the Pontiac show. End of my sophomore year in college. I had been trying since the Fox Theatre show in 1984 to get tickets (wasn't so easy back then!) That Fox show has been legend around Detroit for decades. I HAD to see them. I remember there was a very lengthy traffic jam getting into the show, I remember clearly this rush of air and sound almost knocking me over as we pulled open the doors and ran down the stairs to our seats. I don't remember specific songs only flashes of loud, swirling Edge guitar and a voice that I never knew could exist. And a community of people that loved this band with everything they had. It was palpable. Strangely, any image in my mind is in black and white (thanks, Rattle and Hum). I was hooked, but admittedly hated the new direction after that and didn't start going to their shows again until Elevation. So glad I did. The excess is still there, and multiplied to ridiculous levels, but they're performing from the heart again and you can feel it. Even in those big loud wide open spaces. It's church.
My 1st U2 Concert
This was #1 for me...took a bus from Toronto...was worth every painful minute. Was the start of one long love affair with Edge and the boys...going to #10 in July if it's not postponed due to Bono's surgery. Get well soon Bono - loving you always in Canada.
First Show
This was my first show too! I was also 16 and we took a school bus over. I will never forget the feeling when Bono walked out on stage! I am still going to shows every tour now at 39 years old. I have seen Toronto and Vegas on the first leg and I am looking forward to Spartan Stadium and hoping to find some GA's for Chicago.
Laura S
My twin sister and I have life long memories of the Joshua Tree concert with our older brother. Definitely a highlight of our young lives. Several U2 concerts later, we can't wait to see the show in East Lansing! What could be better - a summer night in Spartan stadium?
first u2 concert
i was 16 and my mom drove my friends and i! we were far away but now at 39 years old still going to great amazing energetic shows by my favorite band. cant wait til june 30 east lansing!!
Bono got out of his limo
I was 22 years old. After an incredible show my friends and I waited outside of the Pontiac Silverdome. The garage doors opened and a fleet of limo's pulled out. The caravan stopped. Bono got out and walked over to a crowd of about 40 fans and thank each one of us and shook each persons hands (maybe hugged the Anyway 22 years later I am still amazed at that moment. I blurted out "i really like your music" Bono looked me in the eye while shaking my hand and said very humbly "why thank you". To this day I am blown away.
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