Joshua Tree

May 16 1987
East Rutherford, NJ, US / Meadowlands Arena
with Lone Justice
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My Third Show
I had already seen the band at Radio City and Madison Square Garden on the two legs of the Unforgettable Fire tour. There was a ton of hype leading up to these shows, including a piece on the news about how the band was working with the Harlem Youth Choir on a version of I still Haven;t Found What I'm Looking For. The choir came out on stage during this show, which is what ended up on the Rattle & Hum soundtrack. But for me, one of the most memorable moments was when during the pre-show music, with the house lights still one, the band came out in the middle of Stand By Me and finished the song before taking down the house lights and continuing with the show. Even though it was a sizable venue, you felt a connection with the band thanks to that moment.
The 1st time
My 1st time seeing the band ! Oh my god what a show!!Last night of a 5 night set ,end of the 1st leg of the tour. The sound was great & the Tree done live!! Best part was Bullit the blue sky & Bad I have been able to catch a few more shows but you alway remember your 1st.Only thing that would have been better was my choice of wives. Going to the shows in the Linc summer of 2011 with my 2nd wive (a better choice )
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