Boy Tour

Dec 7 1980
Washington, DC, US / Bayou Club
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Oh Boy!
I was there Dec. 7 1980. As an avid mullet wearing new wave guy was looking forward getting a pogo fix with my local fav the Slickee Boys. A couple of hardrock buddies come with me. As warm up, on the bill was an act called U2. No one what to expect. However, when U2 came out, from the first few riffs of edge's guitar we knew this was going to be something different. They did not disappoint. Each song delivered an energy and newness. With stronger messages than fun dance bands. Its been 30 years I can't say exactly which songs they played in what order etc. Just that their anthem sound was something quite more sophisticated than usual 3 chord rock n roll. I only really remember being dazzled by the crispness and lightness of hearing 'i will follow' for the first time. My hardrock friends were in awe. One in fact ran out and bought the album the next day. I was not wanting to openly concede my new wave devotion. But deep down I knew the game had been changed. The standard of rock n roll had been raised. When their set was finished I knew I'd seen something special. Though I did not know it would be historical. I went to the bar and shook hands with Bono thanking him for a great set. He said thanks. They had mentioned it was the first night of their first tour in the States. A few months later they returned to the bayou. This time the Slickee Boys warmed up for them. I didn't get to shake hands with Bono this time.
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