Joshua Tree

Jul 1 1987
Leeds, GB / Ellland Road
with World Party, The Fall, The Mission, The Pretenders
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first u2 gig was never going to be my la
i was given the tickets by a friend who couldn't make it due to work commitments - i was 20 and hated my job so i just rang in sick and drove the 1.5 hours to leeds - fought my way to the front and that was it - i was hooked - best sick day ever
Chrissie hynde came on swinging her leather jacket,kicking off for me the best hot day in July that year for a U2 concert. Walk they said !we still ran like crazy to centre of the pitch.U2 for me,they came alive that day. Joshua tree on my tape Walkman got thrashed after that.Since then seen every tour, My favourite in Sydney POP. 3am Bono came out back gate to say high the rain had stop long enough must have been nuts.the world is small place spent way to much on them.and long may it continue.
1st gig
my first u2 gig, i had just turned 15 and had to nick of school to go. had tickets in the west stand but ended up on the pitch. mega day, the other support group were the pretenders. since been to roundhay park in 94 + 97 manchester city stadium 05 and sheffield in 09. still a great live band!!!
This was my first time seeing U2 and my first concert ever, I was 15, and was mesmerised through the whole show. I think I was in a daze for weeks after! I also saw them in 1993 and 1997 again in Leeds. I since moved to Canada and got to see them last year in Boston (took my 2 kids and it was their first concert!) - awesome!!!!
First U2 concert
First time I saw them. Think they had 3 support bands - The Fall (who had a large number of plastic cups thrown at them - strange choice), local Leeds group The Mission and a n other. Just remember it being a great concert.
first time
my first time seeing u2 n still one of the best days i've ever month later seen them again in edinburgh
andy scotson
Another trawl through the archives
They came on and joined in with Stand By Me... 22 years later I was at the Millenium Stadium when they played it again. Feels like it's all come full circle.
andy scotson
My first ever U2 show
Thought I'd dive in here first and make a contribution
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