Joshua Tree

Jul 11 1987
Rotterdam, NL / Feynoord Stadium
with In Tua Nua, Big Audio Dynamite, The Pretenders
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first one with many to follow
My first U2 show with many many more to follow. This was a magical night. finally finally I was able to go see my band. I wanted to go already to TUF tour but my parents did not allow me to go at 14... so had to wait for this show and what a first show it was! I was hooked for life. The emotions I felt that night were amazing... I can still hear people singing How long to sing their song long after the show ended... walking out of the stadium, out to their cars, to the trains.... and these emotions I feel time and time again when I see them live or hear but also when I hear their music, next month 23 years later and my 50th show and still as excited and in awe with these guys. THANKS for everything x
First U2 show
What a great night... I was 14 and my parents allowed my older sister and brother to take me to my very first U2 concert. Many more would follow! In Tua Nua was the support act that night, another great Irish band that particular year (whatever happened to them?). Eventhough my English was limited at the time, I remember being impressed with and moved by their song "Irish Love" about child abuse. Powerful stuff... But all of that paled of course in comparision to the head liners U2! I especially remember the covers that they played, because I'd never heard them before the concert. During "people get ready" (Curtis Mayfield song) one lucky person was invited to join the band on the stage to play guitar. This inspired me to buy a guitar - just in case I might be the person to be picked out of the audience during my next concert! I only ever learnt a few cords, but at least enough to play that song! I also remember "stand by me", which was another cover that was interpreted beautifully. All my U2 favorites were played and I did spend a great amount of time on my brother's shoulders - bless him! People were still singing the final song hours after the concert finished. Loved every minute of it and loved every show since!
mark zilverberg
In trance
Just 19. My first concert on a sunny day. I'm still thinking about this great concert and I have great memories about it. My friends and I we're completely in a natural trance. Everybody in de stadium was singing the songs they played. Also a great line up with In Tua Nua and the Pretenders. A day I will never forget. Thank you for that.
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