Joshua Tree

Jul 25 1987
Cardiff, GB / Arms Park
with The Silencers, The Alarm, The Pretenders
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Crest Hotel
Stayed in same hotel as the band as I worked for Holiday Inn at the time, also managed to sneak in with a couple of friends for the sound check . Mike Peters signed my football top also, great weekend had a spare ticket for my sister who could not make it down from Glasgow due to either a bus or train strike/ industrial action - this takes me back
mike daley
This was my first concert, my mum said to me there's somebody selling a u2 tickert in the local paper, phoned them up ,got the tickert, off i went ,on my own.Never left my house before at 17 such a long way to go ,off i went. They blew me away, i,ve seen so many times , A life long menber u2 fan club.
My first concert also!!
I was at the Arms park that lovely summers day. What an atmosphere, & Caroline, You are correct, it was the pretenders, I also remember a rather sliced kick attempt by Edge to put a rugby ball into the crowd. This was my first major concert ever, & what a band to start with. Incredible band, it was truly a beautiful day.
This was the first time i saw U2 live and i will never forget it. I can remember the band doing a version of the Beatles "Help". I can remember Bono drop kicking a rugby ball into the crowd. It was a magical experience hearing the songs live from a magical album. I took my two daughters to see U2 for the first time at Cardiff this year and they were also knocked out by their first live experience of the band.
My first concert!!!!
This was my first ever concert, and I have to say that they rocked my world, and have done ever since. Excellent support provided by The Silencers (unknown Welsh band), The Alarm and The pretenders(I think). U2 came on stage as Stand by me was being played.....hearing Bono's voice replace Ben E King's was absolutely awesome....the whole stadium went wild!!! Then When Unforgettable Fire was played (one of my favourites), the whole stage was bathed in red light - It was fantastic! And of course, the final song was 40....I remember the entire stadium singing the lyrics long after U2 had left the stage - when they played 40 at 360 tour Cardiff this year, I was instantly taken back to emotional!!!
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