Joshua Tree

Sep 12 1987
Philadelphia, PA, US / Spectrum Arena
with Mason Ruffner
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First U2 show!
This Philly show was the first U2 show that I ever went to! I was 13 and my mom went with me because she liked them, too. I was just blown away. I loved and still remember when Bono shined the spotlight on the crowd. I've gone to every U2 North America tour since, except for the Outside Broadcast leg of Achtung Baby! I was in college and couldn't get a ride to the show.
Best Show Ever
Bono had fallen off on stage in DC and wore a sling for much of the Philly show. During the concert he pulled a guy out of the crowd, taught him a few chords, and let him play a song with the band. LUCKY! So during th encore Bono says, "Would anyone else like to play my guitar with me?". Of course the whole crowd wanted in, but then Bono said, "How 'bout Mr. Bruce Springsteen" and the Boss walked out onstage and played Stand By Me with the band. HUGE!!! The size of the crowd (maybe 80,000?) and the great album being featured made it my most memorable show ever!
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