Joshua Tree

Sep 25 1987
Philadelphia, PA, US / JFK Stadium
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul
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mbans1 The you tube link is to the encore of "Stand by me" with Bruce Springsteen at that show. I remember walking on the floor before the concert started and there was room in between people so easy to navigate closer to the stage. We got literally 30' from the stage and the concert started. I remember when Bruce walked out we were lifted off our feet by the push towards the stage by all the fans. Great show.
Another Fan's 1st U2 Show
The swell of the general admission was so powerful that we had to move back from the stage a bit. 80,000 plus fans for the hottest thing going at the time. U2 has several peaks, and not sure which one has the highest altitude, but this show was in the top 2.
JFK - Philly
This my first U2 concert. I was 16 and will forever remember when Bono walked on stage in a cowboy hat with his arm is a sling. The red lights, the echoing sound of the Edge's guitar as they opened the concert with "Where the Streets Have No Name". Our seats were in the nosebleed section but we didn't care because we were there to see the greatest band in the world. Every song was played to perfection and Bono sang out to a crowd that knew every word to every song. Bruce Springsteen came on as a surprise guest during the encore. For me, the whole night was truly a dream come true. Each U2 concert I've been to since 1987 has been just as amazing. Can't wait until July 12th!
Josua Tree- Philly
Wow!I was there. Fantastic concert, and to top it off Bruce Springstein showed up. The crowd went wild and you could hear the roar all the way to NJ. I will never forget it. I think it was one of the last concerts at JFK.
Joshua Tree Conert in Philadelphia
This was my first U2 concert...wasn't supposed to go, got tix from someone who couldn't go last minute. It was one of the highlights of college. We traveled to Philly from NJ to go, people were selling braided yarn bracelets in the parking lot, similar to how people used to do that at Grateful Dead concerts. They made the bracelets and sold them to make money to try to buy a ticket. People were literally scaling the security fenc to try to get in to see the concert. If my memory is correct, I think Bruce Springsteen was a surprise guest at this show. I was at the 9/24/09 concert at Giants Stadium where we helped Bono and the boys break an attendance record last night. (We were wondering if Bruce was going to show!) I've now seen U2 3 times. All shows were amazing but I'd have to say this Joshua Tree concert was my all time favorite. Probably because of my youth, going at the last minute when it wasn't planned, and just the genius of this album. Whatever they do, it's magic. Keep the magic going. Keep making the world a better place. And keep reminding the world what it should pay attention to! Melinda - NJ
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