Joshua Tree

Oct 11 1987
Rochester, NY, US / Silver Stadium
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul, Los Lobos
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My First Show!
I hope you enjoy the review from the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle as much as I do. It is part of my U2 shrine. :)
Making it up to the front row...
Slogging through the mud at Silver Stadium. I'd gotten really lousy tickets for the Dome in Syracuse, so when they added the Rochester date, we got tix there as well. Slipping through the crowd, making it up to the front. A completely different experience than two nights earlier at the dome, but a completely worthwhile one.
First ever U2 concert
This was the first time seeing U2. I could not believe they came to Rochester. The first scheduled date was delayed due to Bono injuring his arm. I remember the sling he wore. He still tried to play guitar a few times but I don't think it worked out well. It was also cold...brrr. But it was well worth it. Bullet was the highlight for me.
Great night
I remember this show - started out with Steve Van Zandt, then Los Lobos, then U2. The band and the crowd were fantastic. I'm the guy who played guitar for Bono on "People Get Ready" and I mainly recall being scared out of my mind. It was a chilly night and my hands were cold and I didn't play well for the first quarter of the song or so. I recall Adam and Larry being great, but when it was not going well I recall Edge scowling, then he seemed to relax as things improved. Great gesture by the band allowing someone to do this.
Rockin in Roch
I was in town visiting before starting my 1st job after college. Did not even know U2 was playing - my Dad calls home (his buddy was Prez of the Rochester Red Wings the local baseball team). He says " hey there is some big show tonight, you want free tickets?" I asked who and my Dad says " I dunno, they're call "You and Me" or something like that". I replied you mean "U2" he's like oh yeah, that's it. Man this was like 22 years ago? I recall Los Lobos opening, U2 opened with "Where the streets have no name". I recall Bono had his arm in a sling, brought some guy on stage to play guitar. Said "Edge told me you can change the world with three chords". Played almost all of The Joshua Tree. Their best show I've seen.
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