Joshua Tree

Nov 1 1987
Indianapolis, IN, US / Hoosier Dome
with The BoDeans, Los Lobos, The Dalton Brothers
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I was 16 and sat in the lower level with my girlfriend. We knew the Dalton Bros were U2 because we had seen "U2 in America" on MTV a few weeks before and recognized their version of "Lost Highway". During the delay because of Los Lobos' flight, they cranked the stones thru the P.A. and people were dancing in the aisles to pass the time. BoDeans and Los Lobos were great warm up acts and the U2 set was great! The simple lighting and the dramatic conclusion of the show was top notch. As soon as I got home, I wrote down the setlist and a note to myself to not forget what a night it was!
A full day
While I live in Indy, we'd had prior plans to see the Bears in Chicago that day. Arrived back in Indy about 7 pm, headed down to the Dome. Got a ticket for $10 up high. The Dome was never known for it's great sound, but this became the first of seven (and counting) U2 concerts I've attended. Streets was the highlight.
The opening act
I remember looking through my binoculars and realizing that it was U2 (in costume) as the opening act - I was trying to tell everyone around me, husband included, that it was U2 playing and no one believed me! Over the years, I would tell the story and then finally, was validated as the story was told in a publication/book. How cool to come across this feature on the site and the first comment is about "The Dalton Brothers" !! cp
U2...Dalton Brothers
Didn't know it until later but I was there with my wife watching one of only two concerts that U2 opened for themselves as the Dalton Brothers. Los Lobos was delayed by weather and U2 took the stage playing both country.... and western music. Wife was 8 months pregnant at the time, Brian (our son) kept kicking her all night long. He must of loved the beat. We also had our car towed from the great parking spot that I found at the post office. Still wouldn't change it for anything . Have now seen them about 14 or 15 times. A lot has changed but they're still number one.
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