Joshua Tree

Nov 18 1987
Los Angeles, CA, US / Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
with The BoDeans, The Dalton Brothers, The Pretenders
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Syllable Chase
Does anyone else remember a Bono inviting a guy on stage to play guitar, and the guy giving Bono a tape? Bono asked him the name of his band and the guy said "Syllable Chase."
First U2 show
Was a drizzly night and reminded me of red rocks. Amazing night for me.
bodeans--pretenders-dalton bros. what a show 'whats with all the balloons"? 12th row. snuck my lil bro up from the nose bleeds. to bad they booed the dalton's. the other 90,000 couldn't see. that's L.A. for you.
first U2 show
I was 15 years old and was lucky enough to be invited by older H.S. friends who had an extra ticket to this amazing show. I have not missed a tour since. Thank you for all the memories and wonderful music!
First U2 Concert
Lets see if years of smoking weed screwd my memory: Steve Jones and the Pretenders were the warm up bands. Rainy... But it stoped right after the Pretenders set... I remeber the Pretenders song dont get me wrong , When Krissy Hines said who can explain the thunder and rain. Sudently it started comming down.... It was really a moment I will not forget. I drove my old 69 Toyota Corona.... I miss that peice of shit car....
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