Joshua Tree

Nov 23 1987
Fort Worth, TX, US / Tarrant County Convention Center
with The BoDeans
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First and only U2 concert so far, great
I was a freshman in college in Abilene. My roommate and I had the Joshua Tree poster in our dorm room, always playing the album. For their final show on the Joshua Tree tour, we didn't have tickets, but on a whim we cut class and drove to Ft Worth anyway, hoping for a scalper. I remember paying $40, which seemed like an insane amount of money to me at the time. Of course I was alone at my seat in the concert, but it was magical anyway. I am so excited that the band have decided to help me go back and remember some of that, just down the road from where I got to see them last time!
My 1st live U2 Show - weren't there 2?
Couldn't wait to go. Went with my sister and best friend who had to scalp a ticket outside the arena. I recall the energy that U2 is legendary for in live shows. Every song was amazing. I remember the BB King call out by Bono and the few songs they did. I swear they added a 2nd show that I attended with another good friend of mine, and in that set list i thought they played One Tree Hill - which they did not play the night before. Amazing to be there and see the album that I wore out on cassette played live !
Set List
I found this on-line. I remember U2 did not play in Dallas' Reunion Arena because Pink Floyd had already booked it on those dates. I think the Red Hot Chili Pepper's opened on the 1st Day of the 2 day Run - I got to see BB King - Nice! I was in the 1st row above the floor near the back - we were watching it straight on, but the place was small enough it was not bad! What a great show - I still Love 40 Live! Setlist: 1. Where The Streets Have No Name 2. I Will Follow 3. Trip Through Your Wires 4. Out Of Control 5. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Exodus (snippet) 6. One Tree Hill 7. Sunday Bloody Sunday 8. Exit / Van Morrison's Gloria (snippet) / Silver And Gold (snippet) 9. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 10. People Get Ready 11. Bad 12. October 13. New Year's Day 14. Gloria encore(s): 15. Bullet The Blue Sky 16. Running To Stand Still 17. With Or Without You / Shine Like Stars (snippet) 18. When Love Comes To Town 19. 40 Comments: When Love Comes To Town makes its live debut. It is performed with B.B. King and features additional lyrics not present in any other performance or the studio version. Portions of this song from both the soundcheck and actual concert are included in the Rattle And Hum movie.
My first U2 shoW
I was sixteen in 1987, and had never seen U2. A school friend was triyng to get tickets over the phone for the first show and was unsuccessful. Just then a second show was added when he got through. Th show was on a day reminesent of what a Texan thinks the boys get back home. A little greary and very fall like. We were in the 10th row and thoroughly enjoyed BB King. When U2 came out and started 'Where the Streets Have No Name", the crowd went electric. I still get goose bumps when I hear that song. They next took us back to "Boy" and the show was on. I would love to see the out clips from th movie from this concert. It was one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. A band on the verge of making it big,,,Playing in a venure that was not big enogh to lose them. Thanks from Texas!
The Band takes on a new meaning
This show is where the pieces came together for me. Before the show U2 were something "out there" and now here they were right in front of me. With Bono and the boys banging about their instruments with the likes of B.B. King. Thus began the journey and 5 tours later they still put on one of the best live shows in music. Wish I could back and do it all over again.
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