Oct 4 1989
Brisbane, AU / Entertainment Center
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U2,BB & His Band....Lovetown!
I will never forget the Lovetown show until I move off this mortal coil to rock 'n roll heaven.At the time I didn't realise how much of a big deal it was for B.B.King to tour at all,let alone with U2. A nice 40 minute opener of blues from BB and then the lads from Dublin powering through an awesome set.Then came the encore.The highlight has to be hearing U2 with BB & His band.I don't think we'll ever get to hear "When Loves Comes To Town" live with Mr.King again so I feel very privileged to have seen it with my own eyes.And how good did "Angel Of Harlem" sound with a full horn section? Magnificent! To top it off U2 did "One Tree Hill" during the show and everyone knows that doesn't happen very often.I know there is a recording that was briefly available of a similar show in Dublin,New Years Eve 1989.I hope it does see the light of day again soon as it was only available with the U2 iPod/iTunes box set. They've been to Australia four times since Lovetown and each tour has been special in it's own way but nothing has equalled the unique sound I heard in 1989. "Love Rescue Me!".
My First U2 Concert
This was my first U2 Concert Experience, Bono payed tribute to a couple of people that had been killed in a car accident while driving back to Toowoomba after being at the U2 Concert from the previous Night. The Experience changed me into a Huge fan of the Bands, and have seen them on every tour that they have brought to Brisbane since. But the memory of that first concert with BB King is something that I will never forget.
U2 + BB King...
Fantastic show (and the first U2 concert). Best track - have to go with the opening number (Where the streets have no name)...concert started with a red display infront of the band, then the song intro and then "bang" - they were off. Most memorable moment - that would have to be BB King playing with U2 and his the horn man, the way he was shaking his head it was amazing he could still play...
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