Mar 9 1992
Uniondale, NY, US / Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
with The Pixies
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Now You Were Huge
Although I went to many U2 shows between 1985 and this show-I remember this one especially. Rather I remember getting tickets. You were so popular and I had been an original fan. Now everyone knew you and you were difficult to get to see. Remember when you had to get tickets from a ticketmaster in person? Remember wrist bands? If at my first U2 concert I was engaged by this one I had 3 children and they had friends. We all went to the ticketmaster outlet and they all got wristbands! This enabled us more chances of a number that could get us tickets and it did. I tell this story to my kids and they can't even comprehend it. This show was so cutting edge at the time. It was really something...
my first u2 show
I remember- i had to go to the bathroom from the very start, yet I WOULD NOT leave and held it the whole time!!!! Bono saying "I've heard some of you have paid up to 500 dollars for a ticket to tonight - we're not worth it" Ultraviolet- the disco ball lowered over Bono's head during "sometimes I feel like I dont know...." , then when the music kicked in- a spotlight hit the discoball and the whole place was disco light!!! being BLOWN AWAY by all the monitors and the words during the Fly. My first U2 show did not disapppoint - culminating with Where the Streets have No Name- the moment I had been waiting for ever since I saw it on Rattle and Hum. AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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