Apr 17 1992
Sacramento, CA, US / Arco Arena
with The Pixies
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This ZOO TV thing...okay, I'll take a chance on a weekend trip and tour Sacramento. The first day was the concert; IT BLEW MY LITTLE MIND. A mixture of loveliness and complete chaos; it will always be the best memory of my life. On the peaceful drive home, I heard the echoes of the concert I will never stop hearing. sidestepsidewalk
What a Trip!
U2 blew to roof of the Arco Arena! From the opening blast of "Zoo Station" to the searing end of "Love Is Blindness," the band was on fire, tearing through most of the powerful Achtung, Baby album. The visual overload of the multitude of hude monitors complemented the dense, chaotic genius of the new songs perfectly. The guitar solos on "The Fly" and "Love Is Blindness" are etched in my brain forever. This was a truly memorable night.
ZooTV Sacramento, California
Bono had a cold, but he performed great and promised "U2 will return to this city within five years." (Actually 10, but who's counting?) My view was from the upper deck behind the stage, so I got to see from the band's perspective the audience go wild when the floodlights lit up on "Where the Streets Have No Name." The other best audience reaction was from the words during "Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World:" "A woman needs a man, like a fish needs a bicycle." The Pixies opened the concert.
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