Jun 10 1992
Stockholm, SE / Globen
with Fatima Mansions
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Baby, baby, baby light my way…
Best concert ever and almost my last. The Joshua Tree success had brought U2 world-wide mega-stadium status. Unfortunately I was not able to see them in Goteborg 1987 during the Joshua-tour and then they “disappeared”. With lost hope of seeing them live again their astonishing comeback surprised me. How could they ever match The Joshua Tree? Well, they did. Achtung Baby is U2’s strongest album. That the U2-members were confident with their new album, and happy playing it live, was obvious, including all of the album’s songs, but two (So Cruel and Acrobat) in the set. The concert was marvelous musically and all the visual added an extra dimension. All the new songs came down well and the choice of older material was perfect. Mysterious Ways was magic and to hear (and feel) Bullet the blue sky live for the first time was a blast, with a surprisingly bluesy guitar solo from The Edge. The intros to Where the streets… and With or without… gave me goose pimples (and they still do!). But who was the beautiful woman appearing on the screens during Ultra Violet? I feel in love with her face and occasionally, she still comes to me in my dreams. After the concert I realized that, except for Pride, no songs were played from the pre-Joshua era and I had not missed them either, having experienced them live in 1985. Afterwards, I was so emotionally struck by this concert that I promised myself not to see U2 again, to avoid disappointments. How could they ever make anything near this again? I was not able to stand by my resolve but it took nine years and Beautiful Day before I returned to a U2 concert. I have seen U2 in 2001 and 2009 since then and there has been no reason for disappointment but the concert on June 10, 1992 remains unsurpassed. From the concert I bought a cap with a red star. A few years later I got hold on a bootleg from the concert, or at least that was what I believed until starting to listen. It turned out that it was a recording from the June 11 concert, where U2 (and the audience) performed Dancing Queen with Bjorn and Benny from ABBA.
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