Jun 15 1992
Rotterdam, NL / Ahoyhalle
with Fatima Mansions
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Wow, compared to the Joshua Tree concert this was full on, glitter, lights, screens, it was all go!! I loved it! Bono let us watch some of the soccer that was on, as Holland was playing ? (forgot which country they played against). I remember they played ONE and the whole audience was joining in, I was hoping they'd play the acrobat as that is still one of my favourites. I feel in life we are always on this rope, balancing.... Bought the hilarious colourful tour shirt, think it is still somewhere in a box, with things I just can't throw out. It must have been 3XL as it is enormous! Cheers.
martin van der veen
I did have tickets for this venue
After the Joshua Tree stadium tour in 1987 and the big venues at the Lovetown-tour I was lucky enough to get tickets for the only show on this leg in The Netherlands at the Sportpaleis Ahoy in Rotterdam. It was a privilege to be there.
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