Aug 7 1992
Hershey, PA, US / Hershey Park Stadium
with WNOC
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I was there!
The "rehearsal" show was excellent. It started with two songs and did not start with the typical Zoo Station entry. That concert turned me into a huge U2 fan. I still have the two tickets I had for that show. My first ticket stated "Obstructed" because the seats were behind some equipment for the production; however, the U2 people passed out free tickets in that section so that people could get closer and have a better view of the stage. I ended up in the GA section. The energy was great that night. The band stayed in a hotel in Harrisburg. Many of my friends were able to see the band coming and going from the hotel. A great show and surprise concert that created my intense admiration for the band. Mike
A Defining Evening
My friends and I had moved to Hershey in April of 1992. At the time, I was not a U2 fan so I was unaware of what the band was doing. I recall getting ready to go out one night in August and hearing loud music, which I thought was coming from a neighboring apartment. When I realized that this music was actually U2 rehearsing in the stadium, I was very shocked. My friends and I periodically went down to Hersheypark that week to listen. At the end of the week, I was supposed to go on a date with a young man I had just met. When my friends told me they got a ticket to the concert U2 announced, I told them it was good enough that I heard them throughout the week and that I would rather go on the date (which was and is a rare thing). My date stood me up, and I went to the concert to make my friends happy and also because I had nothing better to do. To this day, I am grateful for three things: that my friends were so persistent, that the man decided not to go out with me, and most of all that U2 came to Hershey. That night marked a major turning point in my life. The concert inspired me beyond belief. After experiencing U2 live I suddenly had the courage to start performing myself, and my usual negative attitude was replaced with a very hopeful one. I had no clue that night that I would walk out of that concert as a die-hard fan, but 18 years have gone by and nothing has changed!
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