May 15 1993
Lisbon, PT / Estadio Jose Alvalade
with Utah Saints
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Tó Neto
I loved the concept. That screens ideia was great, the messages and the musics of one of the best albuns ever made. Great show.
U2´s Zooropa TV Tour
It was the first one that I've attended, of U2's shows. And bellieve me, what I night my fellow U2 brothers... what a night! Still remember the TV screens, the hanging Trabants and a memorable performance of those 4 irish lads in Portugal. The ticket, was a birthday gift from a cousine om mine... and still one of my favourite B-day gifts so far. The ambiance was contagious. I guess no one in Portugal had seen an EPIC show like that. Despite they didn't play "Sunday, Bloody, Sunday"... still, was an AWSOME show.
I was 17 at the time, went with my cousins... It was simply the concert of my life. Amazing night, atmosphere, One still echoes in my ears.. At the time I remember being only frustrated that they didn´t play Who's gonna ride your wild horses!
My first U2 concert.
Been to a lot of time, but I remember the desire to see the band for the first time and clearly see bono. Today I have seen five concerts in Portugal and all the big events were the universe.
A kind of a religious experience
This was my first U2' concert and I just couldn't believe I was going to see Them, to listen to Their music live. It was like a religious experience, I supose. Too strong to be explained by words or photos or ... GOD BLESS U2. Maria Luis, Portugal
***** magnificient *****
hello! i was there too..i was 17...and i was a U2 fan since 13...my father gave me the ticket..and i was very exciting because Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry were coming to my town...what a crazy day!!! i remember that the girl who drunk the champagne (Running to stand still) with Bono, was Maria and it was her birthday..and all people at stadium start singing to her..what a lucky girl... that night, just for a moment i wanted to be Maria... the concert??? MAGNIFICIENT
My dream
I am from Brazil and I was living in Lisbon at that time. I was 21, and always loved the band. An U2 concert was a dream for me, once they had never had in my city! I'll never forget the "bis" with Bono singing "Can't help falling in love", the lights turned off and when they turned on again, they all had left the stage. I almost cry while wrote and remember that night.
I was there
i was only 13 years old, and me and my twin sister begged our parents to take us to lisbon. and they did! it was amazing, and my first concert was a U2 CONCERT!!! The band i grew up with. we were the youngest in the family, with 5 boys older than us. so we could hear them listening to U2 vinyl's and appreceating them enjoy it. it was one of the greatest day of my life.
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