May 29 1993
Werchter, BE / Festival Grounds
with Stereo MC's, Urban Dance Squad
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My first U2 gig
This gig is one of my favourite ever. It was the first time I was seeing U2 live. I wasn't a fan at all, didn't know many songs (just 2 or 3 songs at the max), but I left the place as a U2 fan. The first think I did the next day was going to buy new concert tickets to see them in Nijmegen in Holland (first time I was going to see the same artist live on the same tour), then I've bought all their cd's and start learning the songs.
For the First Time
My first live experience was mind boggling. Stereo MC's opened the show but did not get a super warm reception. I remember hamburgers being tossed at them. The field was jam packed with over 70,000 and trying to get back home after the show was mayhem! Seeing the show I wondered what could possibly be bigger than this. 16 years later the 360 tour happened! Zoo TV has changed the concert experience. Obviously most memorable for me was the opening sequence when we were all drawn into the world of Zoo TV.
amazing show
Hi, I'm 16 so I wasn't at the show, but I have the complete bootleg, and I've listened to it a couple of times, its an amazing show, great setlist and the band in an amazing shape!
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