Jul 12 1993
Turin, IT / Stadio Delle Alpi
with An Emotional Fish, Ligabue
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My first U2 concert
I was there, the first of my 10 so fa concert over the years. Unforgettable
1993-07-12 - Turin
I was young..17 yo.. I remember someone offered to me a kind of drug called 'chocolate' but I answered to him I already had the chocolate in my bag carried from home.I remember too when 'NYD' started after ' Until' I've found myself in the air as a kite while the crowd went crazy.Yes..I was young..but I'm still young cause U2 keep me young since 18 years..when I turned on my radio with 'the joshua tree' cassette and when the piano in 'streets' started I begun to cry and then to jump for joy.So this joy is still on and the passion for them will never die.Sometimes I say to myself : U2 MY DRUG .. and everthing it's ok.In a week in Zurich will be my 39 personal concert of U2 around the world.I discovered U2 and they let me discovered the world. a bik kiss from Italy
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