Jul 23 1993
Budapest, HU / NEPStadion
with An Emotional Fish, Galliano
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my first U2 concert
Unforgettable, even though I do not remember much of it, as it was my first U2 concert. I remember the very beginning - ZOO Station with Adam smoking a cigarette while playing :) I bought there Achtung Baby white T-Shirt with Zooropa Tour dates on the back and this T-shirt is on me on every U2 concert since then. Greetings to al the fans, especially to those that participated in this concert in 1993!!!
My third :)
From Macedonia
The show was great. We had traveled for 20 hours from Macedonia to see them. Then we had a ball of a time around Budapest and finally got to NEP and queued, got in, and reached the fence just before the long catwalk, right in front of the platform, facing the unprecedented stage. The spot was good. I didin't know the support band, it was a Hungarian one. They were preporterous, a huge band with many guitars but boring, static. Obviously many of the people in the crowd were U2 fans from aborad and didn't know the Hungarian band. After a while, we all got a bit fed up and tried to stop the support's perofmance by claping, then finally the crowd started to boo them and wave the U2 tickets. Most of the people in the crowd even turned their back to the stage to tell the band it was enough. Unfortunately, the possessed band was relentless and even did the encore they had planned, to the great discomfort of the confouned crowd. Just before the show started, a band of caricatures emerged and moved around parodying U2. The crowd started to billow , moslty because a group of drunk Gremans was pushing people around and it became dangerous. Then the show started with Zoo Station etc. The Germans we messing about, pushing people and making those waves. Then security stepped in, one of the guards got onto the fence, another guard held his belt. The gigantic guy just leaned forward and grabbed one of the Germans and pulled him into the space between the two fences from where the drunk man was ushered away. Another one was pulled out presently and everything returned to normal. Soon I was in ecstasy and just enjoyed the show. I remember the feeling, not the details of the songs. I remember the set but I most enjoyed Until the End of the World. I cant remember all the details, Bad, Running to Stand still, Streets Zoo Station. Actually Achtung Baby is one of my favourite albums, together with Unforgettable Fire and Joshua.
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