Aug 14 1993
Leeds, GB / Roundhay Park
with Marxman, Stereo MC's
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Great gig. Shame about the aftermath
Amazing gig and the guys were on top form. I remember the support act Marxman in particular. Bought their album of the strength of their set. I walked with a stick and sadly got mugged after the gig while I was trying to find public transport back into the city centre. They didn't get my tour t-shirt though!
Lost history
This was the best show of the tour! Even Bono said on there return trip for the pop tour “ “what a show we had here in 93” it was our best show “ So bloody hell why didn’t you record it?? Over 90k maybe 100k of fans. Guys you need to record every show, so you never loose a gig like this .it’s lost history.
Bono 'Makes Wembley Stadium look like a
I remember this day so fondly. My first of many U2 gigs as a spotty teenager! I travelled to Leeds with my cousin on the train and queued from 9am in the morning. When the gates opened we ran like men possessed to the front and managed to get our hands stamped so we could stand by the stage. I was probably 10ft from Bono at times, and the bass was so loud my eye balls wobbled. The ZOO TV stage was awe inspiring as was the size of the crowd. I vividly remember 'Running To Standstill' as Bono was stood right in front of us whilst he was singing it...awesome moment. U2 totally blew me away that night - it was a huge turning point for me both as a fan and a musician....easily the best live act, then and now. Also remember that it took us so long to get out of there afterwards we missed our train back to Manchester and had to sleep on the platform all night...was totally worth it though! Thanks U2
What a show I remember the day as if it was yesterday , the confession booth ha so funny, the stage was the biggest thing I had ever seen yet U2 looked and sounded bigger . Been a fan from the beginning ( mounttemple that is) and will always remain a fan.
I been There
Hola U2 yo estuve en ese show fue increible!!!!! aun recuerdo cuando empezo el show con zoo station!! fue la primera vez que los ví, yo estaba de mochilero en UK y fuimos con mi amigo Lisandro. Muchas Gracias Peace or love or else!!! Martin
This was my favourite gig of all time. My friend found someone stamping the back of peoples' hands to get into the front section and we got lucky and watched the show from alongside the ramp right at the front near the platform where the mid-concert acoustic session was performed and Bono was almost within reach. There was also plenty of room to move around. ZOO TV was fanastic !
AWESOME....WOW....The ticket to my 1st U2 concert was a gift. Went with my mate Richard Lamb and loved every second. Since that day i am just a U2 fan but a FAN!!!! Arguably the greatest live band of all time.
Awesome Gig!
Remember going there with my mate Steve, a local Leeds boy. We were both completely gobsmacked, it was such an incredible spectacle. More importantly, the music shone through from behind the multimedia overload , the boys were just tremendous. This was my first U2 gig & cemented their position as the best band I have ever seen live.
wot a great day fantastic stage show highlite was bullet the blue sky just fabulous
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