Aug 20 1993
London, GB / Wembley Stadium
with Utah Saints, Stereo MC's
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The night I fell in love with U2
This was the night that I realised that no other band could raise me up and make me feel as U2 can. nearly 20 years later I feel exactly the same way - I have never felt so in sync with the messages that the band are trying to send out - No one does it better or even comes close - The band demand to be close to their fans during their performances and in return the fans fill the stadiums with raw emotion and love -
the night the tubes stopped
Amazing night so many people on the main floor of Wembley I didn't touch the floor for three hours!!! Saw Big Audio Dynamite amazing and Salman Rushdie made an appearance didn't get home until 3am as all the tubes stopped early didn't matter THE BESt concert of my life!!!!
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