Apr 25 1997
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sam Boyd Stadium
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I flew in to see the kick off show and man was it difficult to get to the show without a car not to mention stressful but, where there is a will...there is a way....it was an adventure.
Popmart tour kickoff!
I had mixed feelings about this show. My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) and I made it to this show about 15 minutes before they took the stage. "Popmuzik" was played while Bono did the boxing thing through the crowd to the stage. "I Will Follow" was good hear. They messed up "Staring At The Sun" which sounded great the second time. This was the full-band version, unlike most of the tour where it was just Bono and Edge. They also played a more full version of "If God Will Send His Angels" which was dropped about 5 shows in the tour (something like that). That was awesome! "Do You Feel Loved" was good. That was dropped later too. They played their whole setlist well and the big lemon was funny, but you could tell that the show didn't flow -- it wasn't polished. They really did need more rehearsal time. Even the next morning, I remember saying that there was something missing -- that little something. that spark that most all U2 shows have. But all in all, we had fun!
tina lyons
Gambling with the Stars
I flew in from NYC and met up with friends who arrived from L.A. We weren't too fussed about seeing Rage Against the Machine, but hadn't realized what trouble we would have getting a taxi to bring us out to the Stadium. Luckily for us, we were staying in the band's hotel, and shared a taxi with a guy called Declan who said he was one of the stage managers. He phoned for a police escort, while we joked about wondering if they'd play "I Will Follow". Declan remained mum on that. Arrived at the stadium with our police escort, only to head up to out nosebleed seats. Last time I'd seen a U2 gig had been in 1983. Sure enough, they actually did play "I Will Follow". I was truly impressed by the production, even if I did miss the "old days" a little. I adored the boxing gown, the lemon, the giant disco balls, and workes by artists who are friends of mine, like Jenny Holzer. Afterwards, I played 21 with Dennis Hopper, roulette with Sigourney Weaver, and tried to explain craps to Wynona Ryder.
They messed up "Staring at the Sun"
What I remember about this evening was the little row that occurred when they began playing "Staring At The Sun". They had to start it three times, and take a little break in between two and three to have a little spat. It was funny, sweet, and totally unforgettable.
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