May 3 1997
Salt lake city, UT, US / Rice Stadium
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First Time Seeing U2
Great show, they didn't disappoint!
My First U2 Concert
I found out that U2 can really put on a show. The giant golden arch and all thelights were amazing. I am incredibly excited to see them return to an upgraded stadium in May 2011. I also hope that the University of Utah's "U" on the mountain will again feature a 2 next to it.
May 3, 1997 They came back after playing a small club in the early 80's to an ungrateful gathering of people. Bono vowed never to come back. But enjoyed an oversized welcome and apologized for the 14 year wait. A local radio station fashioned a giant "2" out of bed sheets, and placed it next to the 100 foot high U on the hill about the University of Utah. The band said they could see if from their plane when the flew in. Bono quipped "it's a good thing we're not the Red Hot Chili Peppers". They played to an audience of 35,000 and an estimated audience of 20,000 outside of the stadium just wanting to hear U2 play. Rage Against the Machine opened. The show was great for only the 3rd of the tour. During Bullet the Blue Sky, a plane happened to fly low over the stadium while the spot lights were shining up on it adding a great visual coincidence to the song. Glad they came back to Salt Lake City! Great seats..2nd row. No GA seating.
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