Jun 8 1997
Philadelphia, PA, US / Franklin Field
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My first U2 concert ever
Pop was the second U2 CD album I ever bought after Joshua tree. TBH I wasn’t a fan when I bought the Pop album. With that title and a track called Discotheque , I was expecting much more of drift to a Pet Shop Boys-like synth sound LOL ! But it grew on me. I happened to be in Philadelphia for a month staying at International House on Chestnut St and I responded to an ad in the elevator of 2 tickets for re-sale. I thought “sure, why not?” In 1998 when the VHS tape of the concert of the Mexico City Popmart show was released, , I bought it immediately, I was so excited to see the show again, I have played it over and over again like an addiction , the stage visuals and animations are iconic now. To this day its still one of my all time Favorite U2 DVD concerts (yes - I eventually bought the DVD). A lot of the songs sang are among the best ever live renditions in my opinion.
U2 Winnipeg june 12 1997
I remember the support act were The Fun Loving Criminals they were good.the funny thing is the date june 12th 1997 it is the same date as the U2 denver show I am going to in 2010 for the 360 tour.june 12 2010.
Strange setting / Great show
When a good freind of mine asked if I wanted to see U2 again , I said sure. When we drove to the show the traffic was horrible, the parking was worse a & the event staff was clueless.I keep asking myself why here ! Untill the show start. Watching the upper deck sway to the beat of wall of sound was awsome & of course the stage was massive ! U2 is the best live band,can't wait to go to the 360 show at the Linc.
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