Aug 14 1997
Prague, CZ / Strahov Stadium
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First time on U2 Show
That show was the first time i saw U2 live. I was 16 that time.I had just one album before the show but on that gig i fell in love with U2 and that relationship still lasts. Unfortunatelly U2 have not visited Prague since but hopefully one day i hope that they will come back...
Martin Pala
By now the only U2 show in Prague, Czech
I wish I was there, in my home coutry and town! Sadly, I got to know U2 only 1 year after but I love them and they are my favourite band all the time since then...
My fifth :)
Huuuuge crowd
My first U2 show, second follows in October this year in Barcelona after 18 years. Strahov stadium in Prague hosted 80K+ fans. I can remember everybody was singing the rare karaoke track "Born to be wild". And I remember Bono saying "Beautiful" after Pride's long long fade out when crowd was still going on with "Oh ooh-oooh oh..." Amazing show. I could find only a poor quality recording, it would be nice to see a video or whatever else. Stefan, Slovakia.
Praha, august 1997
The first time I saw U2 was in Prague on the Strahov stadium....and it was amazing.From that moment I was hooked....never missed another concert and managed to meet the great man himself too. Love u Bono xxx Stanni,Slovakia
first time ever in Czech, excited fans, wonderful night.about 80.000 people I guess came to see the show.
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