Aug 26 1997
Belfast, IE / Botanic Gardens
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home time
my first show in my home town.i remember driving past the botanic gardens in the days before the show watching the stage progress.living in the area i was at the venue from 6 in the morning and was first in the queue.the show itself was fantastic and to see U2 play so close to my home was special to me and will live long in my memory!!
You Could See it From the Loo
Living as a student in Belfast at the time I awoke the morning of the gig in a usually studnent manner - hungover. Starting the day (a.k.a. the afternoon) with a relaxed period on the throne (i.e. toilet) I was amazed to notice that the Pop Mart arch was clearly visible from my vantage point. Lord thats big. Confirmed later that day when a friend, who is practically blind, stated on entering the Botanic Gardens - F*** that's big - even I can see it. Gig was great (I caught them in Dublin a few days later by preferred the Belfast vibe) - visually like nothing I'd seen before even on the Zooropa cirucs, sounded great (as these things do) and a number of Pop songs came alive for me in the live setting (particaularly Please and Gone). A great night topped off with a snog from the lovely Heather (american exchange student - where are you now). It wasn't my first or last U2 gig but is one that I think more fondly off conisdering the location, the era and the friends - a moment in time. But most of all remembered becasue you could see it from the loo - top that Jagger.
A last minute arrangement with memories
Living in Dublin at the time, I was unable to get tickets for the initial 2 Dublin dates and there was local dispute at the time to the adding of an extra date. So U2 ended up grabbing a Belfast date at relatively short notice and I was able to get a ticket and drive up to Belfast. Bono made his way through the crowd 'big fight style' shadowing boxing and wearing a boxers robe. The unexpected nature of the entrance was a stroke of genius. The show was a mix of the guys greatest hits and new Pop material. The moment that resonated with myself was Edge's rendition of Suspcious Minds which was particularly relevant at this time in the North of Ireland. A memorable show and my first show to boot.
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