Aug 31 1997
Dublin, IE / Landsdowne Road
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31 August 1997..
I remember this concert well.The atmosphere that night was unusual because it was just a few hours after Princess Diana's death . U2 played their hearts out on stage and Bono referred to her life and how sad and sudden her death was..The record " Candle in the wind " by Elton John was played over the PA system as a tribute at the end of the gig .Amazingly a week later Elton John rerecorded the same song with slightly adjusted lyrics and it still stands as the highest selling single ever in UK chart history . I guess U2 chose to play it that night as they decided the lyrics were appropriate for Princess Diana .It felt very apt to me there at the concert that night ..it really was moving and emotional night.
last night in Dublin
It was a fantastic weekend in Dublin with the whole city consumed by PopMart and the U2 homecoming.I went to the show both nights,on Saturday to see it from the stands which was spectacular and on Sunday on the pitch.I got the Pop album in Goa that year where everyone was living like it was the last night on earth,it seemed so relevant,the music,the pop art,the glitter,the timing and in Landsdowne that Sunday it was a superb show.Ash were wicked support,the Verve took us into Popmusik and U2 took us off in a giant mirrorball lemon. In the post concert bliss I walked the wrong way,blindly following a crowd,and ended up so far away from where i should have been.Please and Staring at the Sun stand out from the cobwebs of my mind as being highlights of the evenings.
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