Sep 30 1997
Tel Aviv, IL / Ramat-Gan National Stadium
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First U2 concert - love at 1st sight
my first U2 concert (out of 6), was amazing experience...
U2 in Israel
I was in the army and came a long way just to see the band of my youth. I remember Bono's father was in the crowd as well. Please come back to Israel!! it's been a while!!
What a pleasure it was to finally see the greatest band perform in Israel! First time ever i had bought the most expensive tickets to any concert - money well spent! and now, 13 years later, i live in Melbourne Australia and i will get the chance to re-live the thrill yet again!
Great moment in life
That was one of the greatest moment of my life. My friends and I still talk about that show. We were very close to the stage, and it was a good desicion to buy the right tickets ...
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