Oct 26 1997
Toronto, ON, CA / Skydome
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Holy Dunc Spacejunk Comin' In For The Sp
I remember going to the restaurant at the Skydome the night prior to watch the stage go up and maybe catch a glimpse of the band sound checking. While we didn't get to see the guys, we did come within steps of Paul McGuinness standing by a massive Land Cruiser bellowing laughter with some other people by the Dome's loading bay area as we left that night On show day, we got to meet Howie B and Joe O'Herlihy all super nice. The highlight was patting Bono on the shoulder as he ran by the crowd barriers of the B Stage. Staging was a whole other level from ZooTV, and I love POP, some great songs for a live setting. Another memorable night for so many reasons.
Popped the Roof Off of SkyDome
On a windy and wet evening, U2 rocked the closed-roof SkyDome. It truely was an amazing show. The stage set-up seemed to cut the ginormous stadium in half. The disco-ball during Discoteque made it feel like a discoteque with its lights shining across the closed roof. Then the ball opening... well that was just unbelievable. Of course One/Everybody Hurts/Wake Up Dead Man were great, but I think the real highlights were Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me with the (Batman/Mephisto insignia) and the risque images ("did I just see some bush?") during into The Groove/Mysterious Ways - both jaw-dropping, eye-opening, awesome. Pop doesn't get enough credit for being a great album as well as a fantastic tour.
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